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State-of-the-Art Custom Technology Means the Best, Safest LASIK Results

Dr. Joseph King is the Official LASIK Surgeon of the Vancouver Canucks.

Thanks to our industry-leading technology, laser eye surgery is safer than ever. King LASIK, formerly Clearly LASIK, meets its commitment to providing patients in the United States and Canada with the absolute finest in LASIK procedures by investing in the safest, most advanced technologies available. We know that everyone's eyes are unique. That's why we bring you the most personalized and comprehensive treatment available. The custom technology used by King LASIK provides treatment tailored to meet your specific needs.

For an experience that is safe and specialized, our surgeons can perform LASIK surgery with the innovative Bausch & Lomb™ Laser System or VISX® Star S4 Laser System. Advanced technology allows King LASIK to produce results unattainable with glasses or contacts. Because your satisfaction is paramount, King LASIK spares no expense to provide you the safest, most technologically advanced LASIK technologies and procedures.

King LASIK utilizes the most advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment to maximize our patients' vision correction results while minimizing risk. Use the links below to learn more about the exciting technology available to you at our leading eye care centers.


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King LASIK offers Safe and Affordable vision correction surgery to Portland, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Seattle LASIK patients. When you think of LASIK Washington, think of King LASIK.

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