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Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix® System for Personalized Vision Correction

Dr. Joseph King is the Official LASIK Surgeon of the Vancouver Canucks.

Laser eye surgery is safer than ever, and with King LASIK, you'll get the specialized treatment that you deserve.King LASIK utilizes the advanced Zyoptix® Diagnostic System by Bausch & Lomb to provide patients with personalized and accurate visual analysis. The Zyoptix® system makes it possible to achieve the most precise LASIK results because the treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

Safe and superior, the Zyoptix® system combines advanced corneal topography techniques with wavefront LASIK technology, streamlining the visual analysis process and providing the most comprehensive and customized treatment planning available. Because the Zyoptix® system identifies both lower and higher-order aberrations, or imperfections, your vision correction surgery can improve both the quantity and quality of your vision and minimize problems with nighttime vision. The unique features of this innovative technology greatly increase the effectiveness of LASIK surgery because the treatment is completely safe and customized to your personal vision needs.

Bausch & Lomb Laser System

King LASIK proudly offers multiple Bausch & Lomb laser systems to help ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment. These exceptional systems use an active eye tracker and small scanning spot technology to provide safe and accurate vision correction. The innovative features of the Bausch & Lomb lasers also allow for an extremely wide treatment zone, minimizing the risk of night glare and other undesirable LASIK results that are common with less advanced lasers. The system's scanning technology also ensures that the laser pattern is precisely placed in the desired location. The proven Bausch & Lomb systems help us provide consistently superior LASIK results to our vision correction patients in a safe manner.

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