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What Can You Do While You Recover From Lasik Eye Surgery?

Once you've had your Lasik eye surgery, you'll probably want to resume your normal activities almost immediately, but be cautious! While Lasik isn't surgery, you should still follow this rough timeline before you jump back into your normal activities.

A few minutes after LASIK: Have someone else drive you home. You might experience some sensitivity to light, so wear dark glasses and close the curtains once you've arrived home.

One to three days after LASIK: After you've given yourself a few days off to make sure there are no complications and get through the possible side effects, you're free to go back to work. You'll also have another doctor visit between your laser eye surgery and now. If you play non-contact sports, you may resume them now, just be sensible - skip the surfing for now and stick to ping pong or yoga.

One week after LASIK: You can sleep easier, as you're now allowed to stop wearing your protective eye goggles to sleep.

Two weeks after surgery: You may now use lotions, creams, or make-up around your eyes if you wish.

Four weeks after LASIK: Strenuous contact sports you've been avoiding (like football, boxing, or karate) may now be resumed, but use your best judgment as it's still best to be cautious about getting hit or bumped in your eye area. You may now also drive at night again, as it's recommended that you avoid doing so for about a month after your laser eye surgery.

One to two months after laser eye surgery: You may swim and use hot tubs or whirlpools again.

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